College invites convicted cop-killer

A small Vermont college has chosen as commencement speaker, Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was convicted of killing a Philadelphia cop in 1981. Officer Daniel Faulkner's widow calls the move "despicable," Fox News reports: "It seems like our justice system allows murderers to continue to have a voice over the public airwaves and at college commencement." Abu-Jamal, a graduate of the college, has given commencement speeches in the past, prompting protests. The speech will be prerecorded. [Source]

Presidency falling apart----Krauthammer

There “is a sense in the country,” conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer says, “that we have a presidency that is falling apart.”
Krauthammer says the world is in utter disarray because the leader of the free world made it that way.
“Abroad, in the vacuum that we created by Obama’s retreat, more aggressive, more wicked, in fact some of the worst people on earth have filled it in Libya, in Syria, in Iraq. Putin’s on the march in eastern Europe. Everybody senses America is not there. Our allies are very worried about the kind of support they’re going to get. That’s a consequence of Obama’s policy.”
Krauthammer also acknowledges that America is being crushed under the weight of Obama’s bad decisions.
And at home? “Domestically, the great idea of expansion of government and new entitlements and all this — this is a crisis of competence. The IRS, the VA, the Secret Service . . . all of these agencies that we had trust in, under this administration are showing how badly government is run.”
“You combine them,” Krauthammer said, “and you get a sense that things are out of control.” Sadly, there are 842 days until the next presidential inauguration.  [Read more]


Obama's lost public trust will feed panic on Ebola

Thought for Today: What hope does a proven dishonest and incompetent administration have  of persuading the US public that it has the Ebola pandemic under control?

Parents thrown off bus over snorting song

A couple in Britain were thrown off a bus and branded racists after singing the Peppa Pig theme tune to their autistic daughter.  Nick Barnfield and Sarah Cleaves were travelling with their daughter Heidi on a bus from Sheffield to Doncaster when the 15-month-old started crying. The couple, started singing the song in an effort to cheer their daughter up, but say they were branded racists by another passenger and told to get off the bus by its driver. The couple claimed the woman, who they say was wearing a hijab, took offence to the snorting sounds in the song. Source.  [ECS]

Cartoon: Eric Allie

[Cagle Cartoons]

More Kerry deception over IS

"State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki keeps trying to say it’s not al Qaeda core that we’re fighting in Syria, even though other members of the administration, including her boss John Kerry, are suggesting it is," writes Keith Koffler at White House Dossier.
The problem, of course, is that if al Qaeda core still exists, then it belies one of the key claims President Obama used to justify his reelection, which was that “the base” had been decimated and we were just dealing with a bunch of al Qaeda stragglers.
But the bad guys we just bombed in Syria seem to be the relocated version of al Qaeda 1.0, not some freelancing offshoot.
One of Obama’s other Big Claims during the campaign, peace in Iraq, has already been debunked. He’d better hope GM remains solvent or Mitt Romney is going to petition the FEC to reverse the election results due to fraud..." [Source]


Bam misses half his briefings:Treason the reason?

A new Government Accountability Institute (GAI) report reveals that President Barack Obama has attended only 42.1% of his daily intelligence briefings (known officially as the Presidential Daily Brief, or PDB) in the 2,079 days of his presidency through September 29, 2014. The GAI report also included a breakdown of Obama’s PDB attendance record between terms; he attended 42.4% of his PDBs in his first term and 41.3% in his second. The GAI’s alarming findings come on the heels of Obama’s 60 Minutes comments on Sunday, wherein the president laid the blame for his tardy response to the  Islamic State (IS) at the door of the intelligence community. [Source]

Barack Obama's Diary: That's orsome, dood

Dear Diary:  I am constantly exhorting the few fossils in my administration, like Joe Biden, to update themselves in public forums so they sound part of a young and hip group. "Use contemporary words, I tell them, like I do. Scatter expressions like "orsome dood" liberally through your utterances. That will seduce the young and ensure a Democrat government for years to come."

Cartoon: Glenn McCoy


You lie! Obama's warped reality

'We’re being had. Again," writes Andrew C. McCarthy.
"For six years, President Obama has endeavored to will the country into accepting two pillars of his alternative national-security reality. First, he claims to have dealt decisively with the terrorist threat, rendering it a disparate series of ragtag jayvees. Second, he asserts that the threat is unrelated to Islam, which is innately peaceful, moderate, and opposed to the wanton “violent extremists” who purport to act in its name.
Now, the president has been compelled to act against a jihad that has neither ended nor been “decimated.” The jihad, in fact, has inevitably intensified under his counterfactual worldview, which holds that empowering Islamic supremacists is the path to security and stability. Yet even as war intensifies in Iraq and Syria — even as jihadists continue advancing, continue killing and capturing hapless opposition forces on the ground despite Obama’s futile air raids — the president won’t let go of the charade. Hence, Obama gives us the Khorosan Group.
The who?
There is a reason that no one had heard of such a group until a nanosecond ago, when the “Khorosan Group” suddenly went from anonymity to the “imminent threat” that became the rationale for an emergency air war there was supposedly no time to ask Congress to authorize.
You haven’t heard of the Khorosan Group because there isn’t one. It is a name the administration came up with, calculating that Khorosan — the –Iranian–​Afghan border region — had sufficient connection to jihadist lore that no one would call the president on it.
The “Khorosan Group” is al-Qaeda. It is simply a faction within the global terror network’s Syrian franchise, “Jabhat al-Nusra.” Its leader, Mushin al-Fadhli (believed to have been killed in this week’s U.S.-led air strikes), was an intimate of Ayman al-Zawahiri, the emir of al-Qaeda who dispatched him to the jihad in Syria. Except that if you listen to administration officials long enough, you come away thinking that Zawahiri is not really al-Qaeda, either. Instead, he’s something the administration is at pains to call “core al-Qaeda.” [More]  ECS

Bam silent on OK beheading

It’s been three days since Jah’Keem Yisrael — AKA Alton Noel — perpetrated a horrific terrorist attack on 54 year old co-worker Colleen Hufford, stabbing her repeatedly and then sawing her head off with a knife, and we have yet to hear any acknowledgment from President Obama of the incident.
Why not? All the elements of an Islamic act of terror are present: the savagery, the shouting of Islamic verses during the act, the stated determination to carry out jihad, and a fanatical belief in Islam that, in his mind, justified everything. From a political standpoint, it’s a bad idea to bring attention to the attack. But we don’t pay presidents to do what is politically expedient. We pay them to lead. And leadership — so sorely lacking in this and many other incidences — is what President Obama is unable to give.
Instead, our president could be found, for the 198th time, playing golf.


Me?... Me? Of course I'm not to blame

The art of self deception

BH, our man in Sydney, forwards this delightful Tim Blair column from Sydney's Telegraph :" I abandoned my arts degree after just one year when I realised it could result in a career serving food. Or, worse, in Labor politics.  This was a mistake, according to actress and anti-carbon dioxide activist Cate Blanchett, who last week revealed the almost mystical power of an arts degree. Blanchett said: “I’d like to posit today that it is the arts that have always been the driver for innovation and exploration. I chose these words precisely because they are always credited to science.”
Quite right. What do scientists know about exploration? We all remember arts graduate Neil Armstrong’s thrilling dissertation on lunar inequality and post-modernism during his landmark 1969 moon tutorial. Cate also had this to say: “I work in the arts, and you who have been exposed to these broad but vitally important series of disciplines, the arts are what we stay alive for, what we work all week for, what we dream about, what connects us and indeed, what some would say makes us human.”
Indeed, some would say that, in between hallucinogen doses. Blanchett also took on those who would dismiss arts degrees: “When someone asks ‘What the hell can you do with an arts degree?’ – what can the world do without them?”
The Telegraph‘s online readers quickly reminded Cate of various contributions made by non-arts graduates, including electricity, medicine, housing, dental surgery, anesthesia, plumbing, sanitation, roads, irrigation, solar power, agriculture, transport, mass production, the printed word, telephones, the internet, microphones, industry, television, cinema, photography, the compass, air conditioning, penicillin, business, the Theory of Relativity, cochlear implants, heart pace makers, radar, logistics, refrigeration, retailing, fire, botany, vaccination, microbial fermentation, pasteurisation, the internal combustion engine, chemistry, physics, algebra and aeronautics.
There may have been one or two others. On that final point, however, reader Philip asked a brilliant question: “I wonder if Cate would feel comfortable globe trotting on a jet built by arts graduates?” [Source]  [BH]

Bam, for God's sake, lead! Another Muslim threatens beheading in OK

Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, a Muslim from Kenya, was arrested  Friday after he threatened to behead a coworker at the Bellevue Nursing Home in Oklahoma City. Muriithi told the coworker he “represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians.”   The silence from the White House continues [More]

Barack Obama's Diary: Our wickedly clever plan

Dear Diary: The Ruse hatched by Eric  and I, has worked better than even our formidable combined intellects could have expected. Rush Limbaugh and other sworn enemies  have been fooled by our carefully laid trail of disinformation  into thinking that the  next move is to maneuver Eric onto the bench of the Supreme Court.  Little do they realize how infinitely more  complex and cunning our plan is -- to have Eric run for the presidency in 2016. Is that genius or is that genius? The Obama presidency will thus effectively be extended for another four, or even eight, years. There will be dancing in the streets of D.C.